About XS Tech Atlanta

    XS Tech Atlanta was established in June 2005 in order to provide management services to its growing subsidiaries. Since its foundation, XS Tech has aided in the development of new products, enhanced marketing strategies, and improved customer service. XS Tech Atlanta's subsidiaries have been in business since 1999. Prior to the XS launch, each subsidiary operated independently with varying management techniques. XS Tech applies the strengths of each subsidiary’s procedures to the organization as a whole, resulting in a more uniform business strategy. Customer service has improved company-wide while the business continues to grow.

XS Tech Atlanta Subsidiaries

  • MatrixHookup.com - MatrixHookup.com capitalized on the popularity of the Matrix film trilogy by bringing apparel from the films to fans worldwide. Even several years after the final film's release, MatrixHookup continues to serve a devoted fan base.
  • FreakyTeeth.com - Established in 1999, FreakyTeeth.com retails dental grade false teeth as used in motion pictures like Austin Powers.
  • BlueBoltElectronics.com - BlueBoltElectronics.com brings its customers deals on electronic products. Because of its focus on value, products typically sell out very rapidly.
  • CrunkTeeth.com - CrunkTeeth.com was developed in response to the growing popularity of silver and gold mouth jewelry. By using replica materials, Crunk Teeth is able to offer the same look to customers at an affordable price.



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